After a good day surfing, you can relax listening to a local band playing Gnawa music and drinking a nice cold beer at the Tasra Inn or at Hassan's.

Secret Spots

The next day, we will make you discover the incredible surf spots and especially kept secret: almost deserted beach and waves just for you.


Another day, it is the hikes in the surroundings which will make you discover this Moroccan countryside at the edge of the Atlantic and these hidden wonders where we will picnic in the shade of the argan trees on which climb small very greedy goats.

Nearby Cities

A visit to the beautiful city of Essaouira, the ancient Mogador, is a must. Its cafés, galleries, restaurants and souks will fill your eyes with colour until the evening when you can dance in small bars with a very warm atmosphere. The small village of Tamanar on the way will make you live a more picturesque adventure, especially with a stop in its famous traditional Hammam. It's up to you to choose what makes you happy!

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